Aligned Momentum

In selected engagements, Lori and her team will leverage the Aligned MomentumTM program and software.

Aligned MomentumTM transforms Performance Management into Performance Momentum!

The Aligned Momentum program leverages assessments of culture, communication and information flow to move your business or organization to new heights.

For even faster growth, combine this with our Gazelles "Scaling Up" coaching

Our assessment and areas of focus are as follows, aiming toward Alignment success:

The Aligned Momentum software supports all aspects of achieving and maintaining Performance Momentum.

Learn more about the software at or contact us.

translating complexities into action, with sustainable results

aligning people with what you want/your strategy

leveraging technology to keep momentum and gain quick wins

connecting you with the right people, assets, services and technologies

guiding leaders toward break-through performance, with less risk

About Lori

Lori is a trusted and fiercely committed “linchpin,” connecting leaders to the right resources – for growth, sustainability, agility and ease.

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