You received a Holiday e-card from me today. It was a team effort, —– and me, and it gets my wow because it was started and completed fast! We’ve not always been good at “fast.” Here’s our “wow” for this week: —–, I am sending you this “WOW!” because you did exactly what was needed to get this out on time, hurdling obstacles in this quick race. 336
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Distractions. While one might expect this is simple to define, I say it is anything but! Is social (virtual) networking a distraction? Is answering the phone a distraction? In my terms—with an eye on alignment between action and Strategy—I categorize these as distractions if they divert from Strategy, and as a necessary part of the day if they do not. You can only know this for you and your team if you have clearly defined your Strategy. I’ve sought out other opinions and below you will find the first of several guest posts. I hope you enjoy this post written by John Hagerman, COO of Ontend. — Lori 328
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This Wow! is again for many, although fewer than before. It is for the team remaining after reorganizing: a core, value-sharing team. A team that rallied to stop the bleeding caused by misguided employees, contractors and vendors. This core team includes me, and our officer and advisors. We are a team that thrives by adding value and is motivated by pay for performance. 286
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Here’s the first step to connecting people to and into your performance management system: Asking and engaging. It seems so simple, yet without a system to help us (leaders) do so, our best laid plans and intentions get pushed aside. And when we make poor decisions, not connecting all the dots is usually why. 209
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It’s time for a transformation, and I’m leading the charge. No, I’m not going to teach you to be an analyst. What I will explain is how you—an HR or executive leader—can takes steps to connect people to, and into, business performance management systems. 207
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This week’s Wow! goes to —. Here’s our “wow” for this week: —, I am sending to you a “WOW!” because you continue to think about the company with the eyes of an owner; someone who deeply cares about the company’s success and the realization our vision. 275
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As I contemplated what to share in my next blog post, something compelling happened; I was tagged. Yes, this is like the game we used to play as kids, and then played with our kids, etc…but with mental rather than physical energy. This Tag is being “played” in Twitter, a social networking site bring short bites re: current thoughts, info and happenings. I was tagged via Twitter by Sharlyn Lauby at HR Bartender. 137
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What do you suggest to increase the productivity in a consulting services organization, and why? Lori’s Answer You have asked about how to increase productivity (and why) in a consulting organization. And I believe you are referencing that there is “right-sizing” happening in your organization due to the economy. Based on this premise, I will address the question… 196
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Question: How integral are non-revenue-earning support staff in the context of surviving the turbulent times and cost cutting? Lori’s Answer You have asked a question that leads me to wonder if you are looking to cut costs in your organization. You are not alone. So how does one look at the productivity of the organization and determine how to (instantly, if possible) reduce the cost structure without harm to revenue retention and generation? 194
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Question: Looking to begin a high performance culture. One of the steps we want to create is an all employee bonus. How do you go about selecting the right behaviors/outcomes company-wide to incent the desired outcome ($profit & efficiency)? Lori’s Answer You are looking to “begin” a high performance culture. It will help me to understand your work culture, so please be aware that this answer is given without a complete picture. 190
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