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Some of you have heard a lot about our company officer ——— and are unsure what his role is. Here’s the deal: other than being extraordinary (which is a characteristic and not a role), he is a professional and personal mentor to me. He has vast experience in leading and
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We are positioning ourselves to great improvement in visibility, our front line theme, thanks for ——–.   Here’s our “wow” for this week: “WOW!”, for so quickly building a sales team for C-Secure Systems!!! Why is this “wow!”? Not only has he continued to seek connections with new prospective customers
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I’m writing this to get your attention and give you some ideas about “marketing” to your own people. I mean, the people that can affect the success of your company, be they employees including management, Board, community, suppliers, outsourced entities, etc.   Parts of this blog post are excerpted from
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I really have to say “Wow!” We have had a great show of team work this week. As you may know, we have two themes going this year: For our front lines the theme is “Visibility!” and involves gaining online traffic, reaching out also through direct mail and word-of-mouth referrals,
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You need this to be painless; a small shift to realize a big gain. Or likely many small shifts… a bit to the left… a bit to the right… now back on center… to get to where you want you and this organization to go. Like a ship on autopilot.
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Hi everyone! You have ALL done great things (those with us for more than one week) and I’m in arrears of shouting about it. I’m starting now with a Team “Wow!” of the Week   Here’s our “wow” for this week: He succeeded in re-developing our light-weight gauge in EXECUTE!
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Welcome to Collaborative Action, a blog focused on performance of people at work. I’ll be sharing what I know, discover and can relate to you through others…about the “people” component of performance and risk management. I encourage you to ASK questions, privately or publicly, and SHARE your knowledge with others.
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