“Personal success grows for the leader who can adjust quickly when the facts change. Business success is no different - it just involves more people.

It's about communicating strategy and enabling others to make small shifts as needed to stay aligned and keep momentum.

It requires every person to know how their role fits the strategy and to feel safe to speak up and take action.”

~Lori Michele Leavitt

Lori and her team will guide you through the strategic challenges that slow momentum; You'll get back on track, or better! An engagement begins with group assessment and/or individual coaching sessions. We'll uncover priorities and create a plan to move through, around or away from what is slowing momentum or pulling the business off-track.

Our Consulting and Coaching Services improve your business performance and results through:

Culture Change

CEO's who invest in our services to support culture change benefit from


  • Discover the culture desired by leadership, and why
  • Assess current culture through surveys, assessments, group facilitation and individual interviews
  • Iterative process (with optional software) to support moving the culture from how it is today to the desired future
  • Identify milestones, set up measurement system, communication plan and ongoing review process

Performance Momentum

CEO's who invest in our services to support performance management benefit from


  • Map organizational strategy into key objectives
  • Cascade strategy in a meaningful way, down through the organization
  • Define objectives and assign relevant measures for each level in the organization
  • Support leadership in creating initiatives to achieve milestones
  • Optionally cascade organizational objectives into personal scorecards for complete alignment

Gap Assessment & Closure

CEO's who invest in our gap assessment & closure services benefit from


  • Identify the position, readiness, excellence or other critical objective the organization is not yet achieving
  • Assess current state through surveys, assessments, group facilitation and individual interviews
  • Iterative process (with optional software) to support moving from the current state to the desired state
  • Initiate ongoing review and training process

Group Facilitation

CEO's who invest in LML's group facilitation benefit from


  • A safe place for discovering what's possible, who cares, and the fit for each team member
  • Meaningful and relevant input to the group process to foster deeper communication
  • More effective meetings with training to that end, including by observation and participation
  • Actionable strategic planning sessions and retreats

Scaling Up

CEOs with proven success and aiming to scale up benefit from Scaling Up Coaching.


  • ALIGN: Get faster results with less effort by developing organizational clarity and accountability.
  • ACCELERATE: Develop strategic advantage over competitors and position yourself as a market leader.
  • ADVANCE: See your company’s reputation and revenues soar as employees fulfill 100% of all promises.

Executive Coaching

CEO’s who invest in executive coaching with LML benefit from


  • The undivided and confidential attention of an experienced business executive as a coach
  • Meaningful and relevant feedback that keeps you moving forward
  • Awareness and a fresh perspective
  • Expert advice directly from the coach or indirectly from the LML thought-leader network
  • Access to a private peer community
  • A trusted confidante with the skills to help you succeed
  • That extra push to stay accountable toward achieving what matters most to you and your business

translating complexities into action, with sustainable results

aligning people with what you want/your strategy

leveraging technology to keep momentum and gain quick wins

connecting you with the right people, assets, services and technologies

guiding leaders toward break-through performance, with less risk

About Lori

Lori is a trusted and fiercely committed “linchpin,” connecting leaders to the right resources – for growth, sustainability, agility and ease.

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