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LML Services is a collaborative group of independent thought leaders and experts who serve a variety of industries with readiness for a better future. Clients engage through Lori, who then reaches out to individuals in this group to ensure each client’s strategy has the best power possible behind it. We go farther together, and for you, as a group.

Lori Michele Leavitt cares about orchestrating change. She is “The Pivot Catalyst.”

According to Lori,

“A leader’s role is to set direction and to orchestrate change—through many shifts by many people. This requires every person to be inspired by vision and purpose, know how their role fits the strategy, and to feel safe to speak up and take action.”

As a certified business growth advisor, leadership coach, and technology entrepreneur, Lori is a pivotal asset in helping smart companies stay vibrant.

Lori has worked with leaders in organizations that include multi-billion corporations, non-profits and governments. All share a common desire: change and continued growth, with less risk.

She founded Abrige Corp. in 2001. A partial customer list is here.

Her work has put her in the pages of respected research papers, in front of corporate leaders and boards, and onto stages.

Starting in 2013, to serve leaders in keeping their businesses and lives vibrant, she founded the 10x!® business & leadership private peer advisory groups. She also began writing and has published two of seven planned books:

The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum Pivot to Clarity: Get Clear, for You. Be Clear, for Others.

She continues to grow her network of business leaders and thought-leaders, all positive influencers in our world.

Lori has a passion for bringing life to great ideas. She founded two technology companies.

Abrige Corp. guided healthcare organizations to HIPAA compliance with consulting services and “Discovery” software, and is recognized by Gartner for Corporate Performance Management software. Today, Abrige’s Aligned Momentum® (A.M.) software and program offer Performance Momentum and a Leadership Operating System. The A.M. program is delivered by LML Services.

Lori’s motto is “BE your best results.”

She holds an MBA from the Foster School, University of Washington and a BS in accounting with economics from Central Washington University.

She is a Certified as a Scale-Up Coach, Leadership Peer Advisory Board Chair, Financial Manager, Management Accountant and Toastmaster.

She supports organizations that serve our aging population and that make our world’s water safer to drink.

Lori is proud to be a Rotarian. Her favorite role is being a Mom.

Personal success grows for the leader who can adjust quickly when the facts change. Business success is no different – yet involves many people. It’s about small shifts made, as needed, and at any level. It requires every person to know how their role fits the strategy and to feel safe to speak up and take action.
Lori Michele LeavittLori Michele Leavitt
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About Lori

Lori is The Pivot Catalyst. A trusted advisor and coach, who catalyzes momentum for leaders and teams. The result is lasting business agility--even performance breakthroughs.
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