Aligned Momentum

In selected engagements, Lori and her team will leverage the Aligned Momentum™ (A.M.) program and software.
Aligned Momentum™ transforms Performance Management into Performance Momentum!
The Aligned Momentum™ program leverages assessments of culture, communication and information flow to move your business or organization to new heights.
The Aligned Momentum™ software supports all aspects of achieving and maintaining Performance Momentum.

The A.M. Program

The Aligned Momentum™ program weaves a new, more nimble way of working throughout your organization.
Results? Alignment, engagement, performance excellence and greater profitability.
The program starts with assessments of culture, communication and information flow. Then we guide the implementation of your custom Aligned Momentum action plan. When Aligned Momentum is alive in your culture, you will naturally be succeeding in the following:
  • Communication Speed
  • Communication Quality
  • Delivery Speed
  • Delivery Quality
  • Awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Technology
  • Measurement
  • Innovation
  • Engagement
  • Values
  • Authenticity

Our Aligned Momentum™ assessment looks at the following six key indicators that precede business performance success:


Are employees so clear about how their role aligns with the organization’s purpose, strategic direction, goals and current initiatives that they can make effective daily choices, judgment calls and decisions?

Mastery Mindsets

Is there a clear intention in individuals to get better and better in their areas of strength that serve the organization’s goals, purpose and values?

Nimble Decision Making

Does the organization’s structure, delegation and culture afford decision-making, or at least initiation of change, at the level most impacted?

Strategic Thinking

Is every individual trained on how to look forward before taking next steps?

Talent Adaptability

Are leaders skilled at predicting future talent requirements and Is the organization able to collaborate effectively across all perceived or real organizational boundaries?


Does every employee know that their manager (or lead) has their back and wants them to be successful? Are people in positions of authority given the training needed to assess and grow their strength in coaching?



Mastery Mindsets


Decision Making


Strategic Thinking


Talent Adaptability




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