Leading for Safety at Boeing
Even giants like Boeing must continually communicate, assess and realign to ensure top priorities are achieved and core values are lived. Be Clear As leaders, we’re often faced with pivotal decisions that define our path forward. Whether it’s a question of safety or something else, the best moves are similar.
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internal change could be the missing link between what is and what we want
Although change is always in front of us, we think about change more at the start of each year. We can’t know the future. We certainly can’t control what the future holds. Or can we? We can control one change: our beliefs about ourselves. This internal change could be the
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Pause for Clarity even in Life
For some, the holidays can be stressful. Often it is the thoughts we have as we prepare for the holiday, or any time away from our day-to-day life, that create stressful feelings. Using the same three steps you now use to pause for clarity, you can pause while you prep.
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AI can help you lead better.
This is not a warning about the risks of AI. This is about you, and how AI might help you lead better. I start with a story an AI striking up an unexpected conversation with me. I reached out to an AI for research. Picture this: An AI engaging you
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Developing Leaders leads to Competitive Advantage
Develop your leaders and you’ll become stronger and faster than your competition. You’ll also uncover at least two benefits that could help improve performance ten times over. Setting the stage to gain a leadership development edge Enterprise Holdings, promoted 20,000 people within this 100,000 person organization in 2022. Enterprise starts
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There’s a need for significant change today: organizations are not keeping pace with what their desired workforce needs or wants. Can change management help? Yes, when combined with effective leadership. When significant change is needed Significant change is often needed somewhere in your organization. What is keeping you from being
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How do you change how you listen to someone when you’ve judged them? How do you turn a negative perception into a more positive one? You get what you expect. A listening challenge One of your employees dropped the ball. It’s happened before. They are explaining what happened, and you
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A challenge for business leaders today is ensuring that the right talent is in place for the future. Often the search is for someone to manage, and lead, a team. Does it make sense to fill that role with someone who is an expert in the primary work of that
The Aeron Chair of MillerKnoll and a Leadership Mistake
We want to trust our leaders. We need to trust them if we are to align with the direction they have set for the organization. When trust breaks, alignment is lost. Both are difficult to re-gain. A furniture company CEO was recently the unfortunate star of a viral video displaying
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Reasons leaders fail
Our businesses are well beyond start-up; they are grown-up! No matter how grown-up your business is, stay focused and nimble. Or fail. Focused & Nimble In my first book, I dedicated a chapter to what it means to be both focused and nimble, and how critical this is to the
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