AI can help you lead better.
This is not a warning about the risks of AI. This is about you, and how AI might help you lead better. I start with a story an AI striking up an unexpected conversation with me. 20673
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Developing Leaders leads to Competitive Advantage
Develop your leaders and you’ll become stronger and faster than your competition. You’ll also uncover at least two benefits that could help improve performance ten times over. 20662
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There’s a need for significant change today: organizations are not keeping pace with what their desired workforce needs or wants. Can change management help? Yes, when combined with effective leadership. 20652
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How do you change how you listen to someone when you’ve judged them? How do you turn a negative perception into a more positive one? You get what you expect. 20646
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A challenge for business leaders today is ensuring that the right talent is in place for the future. Often the search is for someone to manage, and lead, a team. Does it make sense to fill that role with someone who is an expert in the primary work of that team? 20492
The Aeron Chair of MillerKnoll and a Leadership Mistake
We want to trust our leaders. We need to trust them if we are to align with the direction they have set for the organization. When trust breaks, alignment is lost. Both are difficult to re-gain. 20483
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Reasons leaders fail
Our businesses are well beyond start-up; they are grown-up! No matter how grown-up your business is, stay focused and nimble. Or fail. 20475
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Collaborative Teams
    We are respectful and cooperative with each other. Our market needs what our company offers. Why are we stalled? 20466
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You may have alignment in your business, yet still risk losing vibrancy. When risk is poorly managed, long term vibrancy is not possible. 20453
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Sometimes unexpected pressures create chaos, for you, your business, and those around you. 20444
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