As I work with companies on Abrige performance improvement, risk management engagements… and as I am now (over the past 10 months, actually) studying the bootstrapping, high profits information marketers… I keep reading, and saying, the word “engagement.” We can no longer just sell to customers. And we can no longer expect our new hires to put up with work “just because we do it that way” and feedback once per year.


So let’s talk about how to engage our employees, contractors and even outsourced workforce to ensure we get what we expect!

Here are a few ideas that have been successful:

1) Surveys, questionnaires, assessments, process checks—short, simple, and often
2) Monthly measurement (and in some cases with measures that update weekly or daily)
3) Measures that align with strategic objectives
4) Linking assessment, survey, evaluation (etc.) questions to specific goals and objectives
5) A means to de-identify and aggregate responses to get info the top
6) Opportunities for on-the-fly submissions for certain subjects such as wellness and compliance


I’d love to hear what’s been working for you!

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