The video below is from 1997, when Jobs presents the thinking behind Apples famous “Think Different” campaign. You’ll hear about getting clear and being clear within the first 5 minutes of this video.

He first shares how he and the senior leadership team got clear about which direction to head. They thought differently.

He then shares how communicating the strategy clearly (being clear) to engineers, allowed them to get clear for themselves; they understood and committed to the strategy.

Finally, he engages the current audience, explaining the “why” behind the strategy in terms that will resonate with them.

While you may not remember Jobs as a leader who nurtured a safe place where everyone felt that he and their managers listened to them and wanted them to be successful, Jobs absolutely got Clarity right. Jobs is an excellent model of Clarity for leaders.

Clarity is the first stage in the path toward creating a workplace culture that is always ready for change, and one where the leader doesn’t need to push. The leader orchestrates many shifts my many people over time. This orchestration requires Clarity.


Clarity is a key stage of orchestrating change, even a Pivot.
Clarity is a key stage of orchestrating change, even a Pivot.

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