Hi everyone!

You have ALL done great things (those with us for more than one week) and I’m in arrears of shouting about it.

I’m starting now with a Team “Wow!” of the Week


Here’s our “wow” for this week: He succeeded in re-developing our light-weight gauge in EXECUTE! so that the pointers move to point to the actual value (not just to the color-code), at all reporting levels and for any date.

Why is this “wow!”? We did not think it could be done.
Why was it important? Our higher-quality “cooler” gauge could result in slow viewing for customers connected via low bandwidths, such as new prospects in Asia who will be trying and buying soon!

It is in review, so normally I will wait for a “wow!” announcement. I wanted to let you know about this one right away so I can now make room for another “wow!” this coming week!

I’ll help with goal-meeting for anyone who asks (You get this reward for taking action!). Also if you have an idea of what a “wow!” award should be above and beyond this team-wide email, I am open for your suggestions!


Congrats. We are all cheering you with a “wow!” for your effort and innovation!
P.S.S. Re-introductions & Team updates:

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