Please take this time to extend my Wow! to your families, for supporting your work and our company.


Here’s our “wow” for this week: To our families, and even our friends, I am sending you this “WOW!” because of your flexibility and understanding. You never signed up to be part of a global company, with your loved one often working crazy hours. I appreciate your support.

Why is this “wow!”? What the people close to us think, say and do … especially those who love us… can have a strong impact on how successful we are at our work. So it seems we must have very supportive families because 2008 was one crazy year! THEY deserve a “Wow!”

Why is it important? Expressing ourselves—through work—in a way that adds values for our colleagues and customers may not offer so clear a benefit to those who are near or dear to us. Our friends and family are not our customers. Sure, they want us to be happy in our work. But they also want some things that may have to wait when work does not readily supply it. If our work roles are fulfilling in a way that also brings benefit to our family, while also being aligned with Strategy, the result to the company is success…which then cycles back through us…to them.

In 2008 we experienced a variety of mis-alignments. In fact, it felt like a strong upheaval. Thanks to all of you who did not whine or take advantage during this time.

In 2009 we’ll be more systematic in the way we stay aligned. It will require your participation. With this new plan we shall better align what we want with what our roles are, and better align (and clarify) our roles with what is best for the company’s success.


Congrats (and Thank you!) to those near to us! Let them know that success will be shared.

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