Here’s our “wow” for this week: This Wow! goes to —, our newest team member for his self-starting attitude and motivation to make a difference in moving us forward.

Why is this “wow!”? To best identify for the employer if the person is the right fit, deliverables are needed. To best identify for the employee if they are in the right fit, they need to take action.

If both the manager and the employee are thinking “how can I add most value to him/her, while staying aligned with company goals” then quick wins will follow. It takes both employee and manager to ensure a good fit and nurture the value for the company.

This Wow actually could be shared by both the new person, —, and his manager, —. It can be so easy to default to reading, training, learning – without acting – when someone starts with a new employer. — and — are ensuring value and action; they are approaching this “fitting in” stage right.

Why is this important? A manager adding value for the employee (rather than thinking of how much they can get from them) and an employee thinking how can they best add value for the manager (rather than thinking only how they can look good) …combined with clear direction from the top about Strategy and goals… will result in huge progress for the organization, and the employee and manager.

It is hard to describe how powerful this is. There are countless examples of an employee climbing quickly with that add-value mindset. And there are countless examples of how managers transform into valuable leaders for their organizations with this mindset.

I encourage readers to make the adjustments in what you are doing now to gain the benefits from this powerful value-added mindset.

Congrats! Wow, —. Your drive to add value, to your manager and as aligned with our company, is noticed and appreciated!

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