Getting the right things done, with less… When we make steps toward this goal, even small ones, then I just have to say…Wow!


Here’s our “wow” for this week: This Wow! goes out to —- for continuously seeking ways to meet our design needs—which are defined by our market’s needs—at a lower cost, but still keeping our highly professional look and feel.

Why is this “wow!”? Many months back and for too many months in a row we were acting like a big corporate design house. The cost was not justified. We were simply acting like our competitors, just on a much smaller budget. And for one project it became so out of sync with its purpose we had to cut our losses. That hurt. But you didn’t let it stop you and you told me what you would do to make it right. That’s what we need.

—-, you continue to exhibit the persistence (and resilience when things sometimes go wrong) to continuously reach out of your comfort zone until we find that right balance for design.

Why is it important? What we had to stop throwing money at is brand awareness (getting people to recognize our logo and name, for example). What we needed to do much more of was, and is, customer engagement (leveraging design to make working with our company easier and more pleasant).

It is so easy to spend, spend, spend on brand… and never win the hearts and minds of our target market.

For us, we are not trying to shout out how cool we are to anyone who wants to hear it. And we really shall not take the time to care what anyone that is not the right fit to work with us even thinks about us; we focus on the people that come to our party, not those that stay away.

We intend to truly make a difference in the lives of those who are seeking what we offer. And for those who work with us already, we continue to deliver improvements.


Congrats, —-! We have made practical design changes over the past quarter with your help.

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