This Wow! is again for many, although fewer than before. It is for the team remaining after reorganizing: a core, value-sharing team. A team that rallied to stop the bleeding caused by misguided employees, contractors and vendors. This core team includes me, and our officer and advisors. We are a team that thrives by adding value and is motivated by pay for performance.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: I am sending you this “WOW!” because you continue to think about your work through the eyes of the customer, whether that is me, this company or our end-customer or client. You do not say “can’t” and you pick up through cracks even if you did not drop what is hidden there. You are stewards of our assets and idea-generators for our future.

Why is this “wow!”? Fraud is on the rise all over the World (per a recent WSJ article employee fraud has grown significantly). It isn’t just us. But it has happened to us. I take responsibility for it, and have learned from it. I am wowed by the remaining team rallying around our Strategy with a keen eye for what needs to be done to be stable and move forward. I am thrilled by all who have sent your personal statements about what you believe. Your values are well-aligned with mine.

No longer will fraud affect us. Within this team I have a mastermind… a group of great thinkers and self-managed action-takers. I am so good at watching others’ backs, but it seems not so good at doing so for myself. Now I have people watching my back and I will leverage that to temper my too trusting nature.

None of us shall dwell on those who wronged us. It is their loss in the end. There is so much that is right with the team now!! In fact, Abrige will help others using our learning. Overcoming failure is the best teacher there is.

Why is it important? I did not build the value for the company as I intended. I failed by being too trusting and giving to those who did not deserve it, did not deliver, taking unearned payment for their own enrichment, etc. Their actions tell the truth. And while only I have suffered financially from my actions, all of us are dedicated to the company’s success and are hurt by the wrong doing…

This is the beginning of a smaller, but much stronger Abrige Corp. & C-Secure Systems.

We are a success and we will execute our 2009 Strategy that calls for great achievements… and we will hold on to the value created and cash generated by these achievements.

As a leader I allow mistakes to be made, and to be made up for. It’s about accountability. For our innovators I encourage risking a mistake in order to achieve what others say can’t be done. We learn from these mistakes and are stronger for them. Our Plan expects remarkable things to be done. It is why we seek self-managing, high-integrity people in every role. Actions, and even mistakes, made by a team sharing these values, will move us forward.


Congrats! Your rallying to stop the bleeding and help us grow will pay off. We are building value.

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