Is there a Wow! to be raised when the team is rejuvenating for the holidays? Yes


Here’s our “wow” for this week: This Wow! goes out to —- who was out of touch but not out of mind during the break. I could tell this by our productive conversation today.

Why is this “wow!”? —- faced holidays, a root canal and poor Internet all at the same time. We’ve all had those kind of days and weeks. And it’s so easy to just, well, let stuff go. The best course, however, is to log pending actions, if it cannot be delegated, so that the work can be picked up easily again…and share that log so that others relying on that work can also gain some peace. That’s what he did.

Why is it important? One reason to keep logs is so that the interruption to work flow is as minimal as possible. Another reason to keep logs and share progress (or however you select to capture thoughts and intended actions in a readily accessible format that can be shared) is to relieve your mind so that you truly can rejuvenate, and to know that others are also able to create their log associated with that work. If there is something on one’s mind that is not yet captured in a safe place, and that person cares about their work, it will stay on their mind and inhibit peace.


Congrats, —. I think now sharing your logs was a big step, and it is appreciated.

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