You may have some idea how much I hate missing a deadline. Well, I just missed mine; I didn’t send out the Wow! this weekend. The good news is that it is not because there are no Wows! to give; there are plenty! This team continues to impress me every day. Typically I write the Wow! email after a long walk during which I get the pleasure of thinking about, and appreciating, all the great actions during the past week. This week I missed that walk due to a minor health issue, and it seems I mentally connected the Wow! email so closely with that long walk that I failed to send the email! So let’s get this out …now!

This week’s “Wow!” goes to ———- for his continued diligence in making a frustrating commute to perform the warranty work on the hardware located in our Bellingham, WA USA office.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: I am sending to you a “WOW!” as a person who is making a grand effort to keep C-Secure going when we realize it would be so easy to just not go to the trouble. It is worth it, and in the long run there will be even greater benefit realized for every one sticking with C-Secure.

Why is this “wow!”?
The border is a mess! The process of crossing that border causes a 50 minute trip to take as long as 3 hours sometimes. It’s not fun. Then he has to explain to the border guards about any items being carried, which can become troublesome when bringing any lab equipment over. Certainly we never expected this much trouble when the large order was placed so long ago, and it does make sense that he sent all the transceivers here because it is here that we have a machine to test with and it is easier for customer and partners to ship items to the U.S. Still, how can I not appreciate the extra effort that has been required? I do! Wow!

Why is it important? We are a start-up company with our value differentiation being that we offer solutions vs. one-size-fits all hardware/software. Because of our attention to solutions we are able to, even as a small company, attract interest and land customers—now. Without offering this strong focus on the customer, and a solution tailored to fit their needs, we would not be able to compete against other machine communication providers. It requires more effort and, at first, lower profits than if we had a single offering that customers would have to fit into. In the long run it will give us the competitive advantage we seek.


P.S. Welcome to our new team members, ———- & ————!

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