This week we made great headway in our efforts to become more visible to, and engaging of, our customers. And I can already feel that we are doing this with greater s-p-e-e-d than before. So on that note, this week’s “Wow!” goes to ———-.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: I am sending to you a “WOW!” because you have risen to the challenge of my need for s-p-e-e-d and focus on content. You are turning things around much more quickly even though you are working fewer hours to do so!

Why is this “wow!”? I’ve been hitting you hard with needing to lessen for us what you love (beautiful design -at times for sake of design—that often seemed to be taking precedence over content rather than support it, and was not a fast in its turnaround) to get to us—fast—the content in a format that will attract buyers and compel those people to do something (at least getting them registered with us as potential buyers). We are now better-focused on creating templates—for brochures, presentations, proposals, newsletters, etc.—that I can work with on the fly. If it does not sell, it is not good. Period. So Wow! to you to be able to make this shift from corporate mindset to power design for a growing start up.

Why is it important? We are not brand-building only to brand-build (getting people to know our name without necessarily leading to sales) at Abrige or C-Secure. We do not have the budget or time to do anything that does not lead to a sale, directly. Every single piece of work that comes from us must get the right message to the right market using the right media… and it must be done quickly and tested thoroughly (then adjusted—quickly—as needed as the testing indicates). I too am making this shift in my writing. We found we could get better and that we also needed help from others in a few areas.

The good news is that we’ve “got it!” now, so prepare for the phenomenon—soon. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, a phenomenon occurs when a company makes some simple but critical shifts that propel it to make per month what it made per year over the past several years. That will be ’09+ for us. I’m thrilled to have the right team supporting it.



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