In keeping with the theme of Thanksgiving, which is “the” U.S. holiday bringing families together, this week’s “Wow!” goes to the team. Yes, it goes to all of you, and I will tell you why…

Here’s our “wow” for this week: Team, I am sending to you a “WOW!” because I am seeing our Strategy being executed. I am not simply talking about sales; I am talking also about learning and innovation, internal and customer goals that require teamwork, great communication, customer focus (incl. internal customers) mentoring, accepting guidance, self-management and personal improvement.

Why is this “wow!”? Most of you do all of these. All of you do some of these. I have seen growth in every person that is part of our core team.

Why is it important? While companies crumble around us, large and small, Abrige and C-Secure are getting stronger. This is not a surprise to me. We are a company that follows through on its promise of phenomenal customer service and s-p-e-e-d in the delivery of a quality and innovative solutions.

We no longer tolerate anyone or any company that will hold us back from delivering on our promised excellence.

We are finding new ways to get our message out, because even if we are great, if we are invisible we will not succeed.

Because we have a focus on delivering quality—swiftly—we fuel me, and others promoting Abrige and C-Secure, with the confidence needed in this role… We know that without marketing we are but toiling away in our own dream of greatness that can never be realized.

We take action swiftly on solid plans, and accurate thinking. We are not lazy. We strive for 24/7 access for our customers through team coordination and support technology. We deliver the right solution right on time. We know who we are and what we do…so we “do” fast.

We expect abundance, but only as afforded in exchange for our excellence in serving others. We do not fall prey to acting like our competitors’ or peers’ slow, fat and self-serving ways because those ways are exactly the customer pains that we take away! By being what are competitors are not, we win for our customers. And in building this value, we also benefit.

As we grow more confident because our message is resonating with our market, we better select others that fit our team, and align with our Strategy.


Congrats to the Abrige & C-Secure team! I am thankful to be building this company with you.

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