We had an unexpected change this week so rather than being in Texas today, I am here…

It is good to remember that “Everything in life happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us.”

Now I realize you are thinking I’m off on a tangent! And you may be wondering why so many of these “Wow!”s are focused on what seems to be non-business stuff. What I can tell you is that people are the critical resource of any organization and without them we would have no “Wow!”…


That said this week’s “Wow!” goes to a person I’ve been working with for a few years now and we will both tell you it has been rocky at times. And at times some things left us feeling not in control. Yet we both keep coming back with consideration of what is in our control to improve the situation…and we take action.

The action-taker being honored today is ——–.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: I am sending to you a “WOW!” … and I am sharing with our team through this email your announcement to me Thursday (and without giving specifics) that you are opening up your technical toolkit for our company to access so that we can move faster and remain stable.

Why is this “wow!”? Many entrepreneurs build their businesses from a product they have created from their own minds, and at times their own hands, that they believe can become a commercial success. Unless one takes others’ money to build the business, their own personal assets and relationships are placed at risk. Sometimes the wait for success is longer than loved ones can handle. Stuff happens. The smart entrepreneurs want to see their product live even if circumstances change for them personally. He invented the transceiver that C-Secure currently promotes and sells as part of our turn-key machine-to-machine communication solution. Circumstances have caused him to take a full-time job, which does not allow him the time to build a stable business around his invention. So, to see his invention survive he has opened up his device and server technology to C-Secure so that our company can continue to grow without interruption.

Why is it important? This new agreement with him is in direct alignment with our operational theme, “Stability!” It keeps us connected with him, our “guru,” while also allowing us to build expertise within our team to ensure that deliveries are fast and service is excellent.


Congrats! (and thank you)

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