This week I am honoring a person that continues to wow me with his focus and effort. We are going through transition—mostly growing pains—and with this comes the need for a ready, capable and trustworthy pool of resources; good people.

…This week’s “Wow!” goes to team member, ———.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: I am sending to you a “WOW!” because you continuously reach into our cracks, look to our end-goals and come up with answers. Stuff never drops with you, and you help bring in the resources to keep us moving forward.

Why is this “wow!”? Not having to restate, rework, push out a deadline, wonder or fret can save hours in my day, and keeps things running smoothly for everyone. It also helps retain customers and greatly improves our opportunities with prospects.

Why is it important? I’ve tried so many different project tracking formats and means of communication to keep projects and people moving forward.

Many formats were even recommended by a team member and approved by others, I did the work…then nothing happened. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours on people that were not a good fit in part because we didn’t have the team and process together to help determine this early.

We have a need for processes that are simple—and simply too tough for a weak link to break down. And people always looking to make sure nothing has dropped. With the help of our current team, this is happening.

The great news is that we have an awesome team now, with people like him—fit to their strengths and ready and able to think and act on their own for the betterment of all. We are able to more quickly identify when someone is not a good fit. We need to stay on this track, carefully adding resources that can help us most.



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