This week’s “Wow!” goes to a person who is brand new to our team and in fact we’ve only held one one-on-one conversation. So, this email is one of several fast actions taken because of what was triggered during this call. The nature of that call is worth sharing and that is why it earns a place as this week’s “Wow!”

The person on the other end of that call was ———-.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: “WOW!” , adding value was on your mind when we talked, and although we couldn’t know where the conversation would lead when we started, as there was no real agenda other than some questions about our agreement, your aim was served…and C-Secure Systems will be stronger because of it.

Why is this “wow!”? Without giving too many details but to answer the questions of those of you who are now thinking “What happened on that call?!” … We discussed each of our company’s purposes and markets so that we could determine if there was any conflict in our working together and, if not, then what type of non-disclosure agreement would best suit. But what happened then is more than the signing of an NDA.

The call helped establish a mutual trust and we discussed challenges and solutions for our companies. We discussed one of C-Secure’s opportunities that has become bogged down for want of a M2M credit card solution that I can be thrilled about. The best known vendor did not meet what I envisioned as a solution for our customer(s) or as a partner of C-Secure. He sent me to someone he knows in the industry. As a result, we are moving forward, and already have an NDA in place with this wireless credit card processing provider. He was right, this new partner seems to be a great fit.

Why is it important? A strong company is built on a series of mutual trusts, internally and with customers, partners, suppliers, and all other stakeholders. Mutual respect drives fast action. He acted swiftly to offer a solution. I in turn acted swiftly on his advice. His referral, also trusting him and with the quick trust we developed, acted swiftly in offering to enter an agreement and build a solution so that together we can wow this prospective customer.



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