I set a new precedence in my last email by extending a “Wow!” to actions that did not necessarily happen by the preceding week, but triggered during the week in my mind (usually during a long fast walk!) and worth broadcasting.

This week’s “Wow!” follows this same trend. Another similarity is that this week’s entry has to do with learning. The difference, though, is that last week it was about someone who has greatly helped my learning. This time it is about a team member who is truly giving his best effort to learn and build his value to the team.


Here’s our “wow” for this week: “WOW!” , you are proving your strength of character as you step back from a lead role and take on projects for which you have introduced to us your peers and subject experts … all in a selfless drive to make sure Abrige & C-Secure get the final product we need.

Why is this “wow!”? You and your team brought back DISCOVERY (after it did not accept operating system upgrades well) when others before you had failed. You simply took one step at a time…and did it!

This involved thinking, learning …and team work. You knew that to do this you needed to work with a team you could meet with physically so you found them locally and made it happen. In addition you enhanced DISCOVERY exactly and swiftly to the scope of work, making it better. And you are continuing to complete it, not giving up, so that it can be even easier for customers to use.

Why is it important? Striving to fit and add value is what we all need to be doing to be a peak-performing team. Sometimes the initial role one is placed in is not a good fit. When one can recognize this, make adjustments and work with their boss to find a better fit, it’s a win-win-win (for our company, the employee and the team). It takes faith in oneself and those they are working with to find this success.



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