I really have to say “Wow!” We have had a great show of team work this week.
As you may know, we have two themes going this year:

For our front lines the theme is “Visibility!” and involves gaining online traffic, reaching out also through direct mail and word-of-mouth referrals, engaging prospects and customers through continuous communication, converting leads to sales, and following up in a way that makes our customers say “wow.”

For our support team the theme is “Stability!” and involves not simply knowing what to do, but having the initiative to take responsibility and action, excel at teamwork (everyone can be a mentor), learn with an aim to enhance yourself while adding more value to the company, be accessible and communicate, communicate, communicate!

It was hard to select! Last week He showed great initiative (in line with our Stability! Theme) along with innovation and persistence.

This week He has shown excellence in teamwork and learning. To do be a “go-to” person for the team he has delved deeper into web development (he is our designer, not a developer) and has been diligently increasing his skills in online traffic and website optimization (aka “SEO”). His job falls under both themes noted above, so keeping up can be difficult.



Here’s our “wow” for this week: “WOW!”, you’ve done a great job leveraging your teamwork skills to help us stabilize and be more visible!

Why is this “wow!”? Stepping outside one’s current skill set to help the team is something we all should strive to do.

Why was it important? With his help (and again, this is teamwork so I KNOW that many of you helped), we improved many aspects of our user interfaces, including the print quality of an amazing new form style now available in PERFORMANCE. Also as of this month we are putting the SEO learning to work on both the Abrige and C-Secure websites. Some progress is behind-the-scenes, but you’ll also be able to SEE the difference soon.



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