When an employee steps up, something has gone right. Drill down and you’ll find … continuous communication.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: This Wow! goes to —- who has grown remarkably in his ability to compare how he is doing not to others but to to where he wants to be, and to take accountability for getting there. His positive mindset and drive are making him and our company stronger each day. And his continuous communication and accessibility made him the “go to” person when a challenge appeared.

Why is this “wow!”? I’m almost at a loss for words to describe this turnaround. It seems almost like divine intervention. —- would tell you that while his heart was still with the company just a month or so back, he was not productive due to several reasons including a trial move to another city to be closer to family. It seemed he was going to have to leave us; he needed full time work but could not deliver more than a few hours online (almost all our work is Web-based) and teamwork was just not happening with his peers in other cities. What happened next is nothing short of phenomenal: First, he moved back to a city where he could be more productive and have professionals he knew around him. Second, I did not break contact even when things got a little rough. Then a critical team member left suddenly to deal with a family emergency …and — stepped up to fill the void. —-carefully assessed and completed work, and now has solidified his position again as a core team member. I’m not surprised. However, I am wowed.

Why is this important? Without maintaining communication this turnaround would not have occurred. Communication is critical. In fact continuous communication and being accessible are requirements of employment (or contracting) now for our company. Lessons learned. No exceptions.

Congrats! Wow —-! Thank you for your communication, your accountability to deliver your best for this company and for stepping up!

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