Clarity: Get Clear, Be Clear

In an earlier post, I introduced the topic of “Clarity: Getting clear and being clear” and focused on better understanding individuals in order to be more clear in your communication with them.


The Pivot, Aligned Momentum Key Indicators
Key Indicators of Aligned Momentum

Now, let’s dive deeper into the first part of Clarity,”Getting clear.”



Clarity is one of three Key Indicators that your and your team are ready for brilliant execution: 1) Clarity 2) Mastery Mindset 3) Nimble Decision making.

As a leader, how do you become fully aware of a complex issue that is present but not yet addressed, or that is likely to result in a stall if changes are not made now?

If personal, such as starting to notice one of your blind spots or anticipating that as you move toward mastery there will be obstacles, how do you choose the next steps that are best for you?

If it is the organization that is recognizing a blind spot or wanting to stay or become more successful and wanting to prepare now to soften the impact of bottlenecks, obstacles or shocks, how might you define a winning strategy?
How do you get clear? Below are 5 ways, each with a critical prerequisite:


  1. Survey/Assessbut first you must create a safe place for others to speak out
  2. Observe...but first you must let go of “how” and care about others’ success
  3. Askbut first you must be truly curious and respectful of others’ view
  4. Researchbut learn how to unlearn or set aside, what you think you know
  5. Listenand practice being open and keeping your mind still


Future posts will cover each of these ways. I’ll also cover the second part of Clarity, which is to be clear in your communication with others.

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