Nimble: Agile Lean Pivot

As a leader, you are positioned to orchestrate change. You may have teams already working together in a nimble way, and a way in which change comes naturally. Bridge these styles (and often unique languages) together, and you will find that leading—and orchestrating change—throughout the organization comes more naturally.


  • Familiar with Lean? You will recognize the phrase “working together.”
  • Or with Agile? You will recognize “collaboration.”
  • Top leadership? You will recognize those phrases and “strategic alignment.”
    (When there is alignment and engagement and empowerment, you’ve reached a state of Aligned Momentum)


It is only in the state of Aligned Momentum that performance breakthroughs are possible.


It’s up to you, the leader, to ensure that all players come together to make one enchanting sound. Make communication and clarity a top priority.

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