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What holds you back from getting so clear about where you want to head, that north star that pulls you and all who share the journey toward it? The toughest hurdle might be from inside you: resistance to change.   Most of us have two lives. The life we live,
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Pivoting an organization is not a quick shift—it is an orchestration of many shifts made by many people over time. Focused & Nimble. Alignment & Momentum. This blog is about leadership and, as entitled, collaborative action. That means—more than one person is involved. Pivoting your business, also requires leadership, collaboration,
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How are you looking at your life, leadership and business—and all that is in your world? There is the world and there is the world as you perceive it, and the perspective—your point of view—you associate with it. You are not in control of the world. You are in control
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Pivot: From ___ To ___   Your state of mind may be blocking your momentum toward a better future. Many business leaders were not prepared for an external threat that results in a forced shutdown or significant and sudden loss of customers. As a leader, what you do next can
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It is never too late to lead better. Lead for alignment. Only with alignment and momentum are performance breakthroughs possible. Only with Aligned Momentum can a business be vibrant: Valuable, Relevant, and a Great Place to Work. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and
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Pivot to performance inspiration and accountability. Determine how reviews fit. In this series I am focusing on the performance review, which for many organizations has failed to meet its goal of improving performance of the team(s) overall. To catch up here are links to Part 1, Part 2 and Part
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Bring out passion with future-look conversations If what you want is a vibrant business, consider – what will it take to orchestrate change—to Pivot—from performance management to performance momentum? Performance momentum only happens when people are clear about the strategic direction, objectives, values, and how they fit. Alignment and engagement
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Pivot to more effective performance – change the context Part 1 of this 4-part series ended with a question: Does a “bad” (ineffective, even counter-productive) review result from being delivered by a “bad” (out of touch, controlling, low emotional intelligence, or worse) manager? My answer: Sometimes, yes, but not always.
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An effective performance review is possible   Employee reviews weren’t meant to be ineffective or harmful to the morale of people you want on your team. However, too often, the performance management processes and policies organizations ask managers to follow, and promoting the wrong individuals to manage teams, are causing
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