Choose your words wisely
It is possible your words and phrases are blocking clarity, alignment and momentum. You might not even be aware of the impact. 20438
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Leading Workplace Wellness
How shall we best lead in the workplace? Wellness at work needs our attention; it is deteriorating. Or is it just that we hear more about it in the media we see or hear? Or that people are willing to speak out? Maybe all. And then there’s you. How are you? 20431
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Choose Change to Succeed
You’re going to realize the change you want much more smoothly if people around you also choose change. Let’s take the pandemic, for example. Change seemed, in some cases, so easy and quick. People were even choosing change that aligned with what the organization most needed at this time. 20423
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A few years ago, I had the bright idea to increase the number of huddles per week. Although done with the best of intentions, it was not the right choice for us. What wasn’t working? And how might our learning aid you? 20416
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When You Are Distracted
This is a message about giving oneself some grace and having empathy for others when they get temporarily distracted by something life has thrown at them. I’ve been distracted for the past few weeks. Does this happen to you? 20411
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How do you learn what matters to someone? I’m going to share one way that helps people open up so that you, dear leader, can start cultivating tighter alignment throughout your workplace. Share “Yes!” stories. 20396
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People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity
Is the way of leading in your organization in alignment with your business model? I keep my eye on the future of work, and especially on the future of leadership. I’ve also been interviewing thought leaders from diverse viewpoints about talent adaptability, including leader adaptability. One of these thought leaders is futurist Gerd Leonhard. In a recent video, he expresses a view about business models that, to me, includes a call to action for all leaders: 20404
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Lead an aligned workplace culture.
How as a leader, might you cultivate a culture that is the foundation for a vibrant business? To help answer this, let’s revisit the four-part culture-cultivating practice I shared last week, now with examples and some instructions. Use this practice to weave culture into strategy and leadership. 20391
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Leaders set the tone for workplace culture
Leaders set the tone for how everyone works together. Leaders cultivate culture. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “tone at the top.” It’s been around for decades in management accounting, even prior to 1992 when I first studied for the Certified Management Accountant exams. Back then, “tone at the top” was used in a context of ethics, compliance, and governance. But a leader’s tone—what you model as a leader—influences so much more than compliance, ethics, or governance. 20376
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I’ve been thinking a lot about management and leadership these days and you’ve heard my call to action to help all managers lead better. Two added thoughts on this:Managers must also be good leaders. I am not saying that management is bad. (But some do think management is bad, and I take issue with their thinking.) Many individuals in positions of authority may love the management aspect of their roles too much, to the detriment of leading well.20363
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