In this series we are talking about connecting—connecting to people, connecting people to the business results you want, and getting those results.


In Step 1 you selected up to three of the most critical strategic themes or objectives. In Step 2 you mapped these themes to your Strategy so that key objectives can be prioritized and contrasted (it is not uncommon to have conflicting objectives that need to be sorted out).

Step 3 is to prioritize so that you are doing the right things.


Prioritizing to do the right things.

Verne Harnish, founder of Gazelles and author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits would call these key objectives “Rocks.” Here’s a summary checklist. Stephen Covey gives us a good visual for these Rocks and what happens when one tries to put less important things (visual = sand) before important things (visual = rocks) only to find that then the important things don’t get done (visual = rocks now will not fit in the jar of sand but if you put the rocks in first that same amount of sand can fit). See a quick video of this concept here:

To realize your positive change within the next three months, you first need to be doing the right things. To get to this point, visualize what/where you want to be, write down what matters most to realize the vision (Strategy, Themes), define key Objectives … and Prioritize.

Our goal is positive change within the next three months. Follow each step and you’ll get there!


Since the first post of this series, we’ve restarted a major customer and launched a new blog for one of our businesses (Theme = Get Visible!) and improved at least one application so that new instances can be more easily systematized (Theme = Systematize Everything). Also for our Get Visible! theme we’ve created an online feedback and testimonial page…


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