We had an unexpected change this week so rather than being in Texas today, I am here… It is good to remember that “Everything in life happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us.” Now I realize you are thinking I’m off on a tangent! And you
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This transformation guidance is more personal in nature. In the last post I posed some questions about communication in tough times.   Here are a few tips if you are open to mental work: Take steps to rid your uncertainty with the present (or past). Be certain about the future.
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This week’s “Wow!” goes to a person who is brand new to our team and in fact we’ve only held one one-on-one conversation. So, this email is one of several fast actions taken because of what was triggered during this call. The nature of that call is worth sharing and
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What message would you communicate to your employees if you are (or were to be) a leader of a company suffering from lost profits, lost customers and/or lost value during these still uncertain times? How would you communicate it? What would you expect the employees to do next? What might
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I set a new precedence in my last email by extending a “Wow!” to actions that did not necessarily happen by the preceding week, but triggered during the week in my mind (usually during a long fast walk!) and worth broadcasting. This week’s “Wow!” follows this same trend. Another similarity
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I wanted to share with you what a consultant hired to work with employees is promoting. The consultant is Dr. Doris Helge of Joy at Work. While this is aimed at employees, I believe you will benefit from reading it:   ENSURE CONTINUOUS FEEDBACK FROM MANAGEMENT Dana and Frank are
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Some of you have heard a lot about our company officer ——— and are unsure what his role is. Here’s the deal: other than being extraordinary (which is a characteristic and not a role), he is a professional and personal mentor to me. He has vast experience in leading and
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We are positioning ourselves to great improvement in visibility, our front line theme, thanks for ——–.   Here’s our “wow” for this week: “WOW!”, for so quickly building a sales team for C-Secure Systems!!! Why is this “wow!”? Not only has he continued to seek connections with new prospective customers
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I’m writing this to get your attention and give you some ideas about “marketing” to your own people. I mean, the people that can affect the success of your company, be they employees including management, Board, community, suppliers, outsourced entities, etc.   Parts of this blog post are excerpted from
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I really have to say “Wow!” We have had a great show of team work this week. As you may know, we have two themes going this year: For our front lines the theme is “Visibility!” and involves gaining online traffic, reaching out also through direct mail and word-of-mouth referrals,
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