Who can help you make progress

Who/what can help (with change)? (Part 4 of 5)

In Part 1, I asked you to consider a strategic objective or significant goal and envision the future after successfully achieving it. In Part II, you defined what progress would look like by prioritizing 1-4 nearer-term goals or objectives...

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Leadership Connection Step 6: How People Fit to your Bottom-Line

In this series we are talking about connecting—connecting to people, connecting people to the business results you want, and getting those results. If you are just starting this series, you can catch up by reviewing the earlier posts. Find...

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First, ask and engage people. “Connection Series”    Part 2

Here’s the first step to connecting people to and into your performance management system: Asking and engaging. It seems so simple, yet without a system to help us (leaders) do so, our best laid plans and intentions get pushed...

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