Who can help you make progress

Who/what can help (with change)? (Part 4 of 5)

In Part 1, I asked you to consider a strategic objective or significant goal and envision the future after successfully achieving it. In Part II, you defined what progress would look like by prioritizing 1-4 nearer-term goals or objectives...

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Are You Ready for Performance Breakthroughs? Track these 6 Key Indicators

Measure Readiness for Extraordinary Momentum and Performance Breakthroughs Executing a plan requires alignment. Executing on time requires momentum. Executing brilliantly, including shifting quickly when the facts change while staying on track with strategic objectives, requires Aligned Momentum.

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Take Your Best Next Steps

Best Next Steps for Extraordinary Momentum This first post in the Extraordinary Momentum Series offers 5 key ideas to help you get clear about best next steps, and how you can help others get clear about their best...

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